Angola Team Squad for Basketball World Cup 2023

The Angola Team Squad for the Basketball World Cup 2023 is filled with talent and promise. As they prepare to compete on the global stage, let’s take a closer look at the roster, positions, and clubs of these exceptional players. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, the team showcases a perfect blend of skill and experience, making them a formidable force in the upcoming tournament.

Angola Team Squad for Basketball World cup 2023

The Angola Roster For Basketball World Cup 2023

Below is a table outlining the players, their respective positions, and the clubs they represent:

FWilson AmbrosioInterclube
CMarcos BalaZentro Basket
CJilson BangoLöwen Braunschweig
PFClesio CastroSangalhos
PFSilvio De SousaChorale Roanne
CTeotónio DóPetro de Luanda
PGGerson DomingosPetro de Luanda
PGChilde DundãoPetro de Luanda
CJoão FernandesSporting CP
F/CBruno FernandoAtlanta Hawks
G/FDanilson FranciscoEléctrico
FEduardo FranciscoBenfica
PFAboubakar GakouPetro de Luanda
SGGerson GonçalvesPetro de Luanda
CAldemiro JoãoPetro de Luanda
F/CKevin KokilaJL Bourg Basket
FJeronimo LuisSangalhos DC
GJosé Dimitri MacondaSangalhos DC
F/CAntonio MonteiroSporting CP
GAginaldo Neto
G/FHélder Laércio NetoPaço de Arcos
PFLeonel Paulo
G/FMilton ValentePrimeiro de Agosto

Getting to Know the Players

  1. Wilson Ambrosio – Forward (F)
    Wilson Ambrosio is a versatile forward who plays for Interclube. His scoring ability and court awareness make him a key asset to the team.
  2. Marcos Bala – Center (C)
    Representing Zentro Basket, Marcos Bala is a dominant force in the paint, known for his shot-blocking and rebounding skills.
  3. Jilson Bango – Center (C)
    Löwen Braunschweig’s Jilson Bango brings defensive tenacity and a strong post game to the Angola Team Squad.
  4. Clesio Castro – Power Forward (PF)
    Sangalhos’ Clesio Castro is a dynamic forward, excelling at both scoring and defending in the paint.
  5. Silvio De Sousa – Power Forward (PF)
    Chorale Roanne’s Silvio De Sousa is a seasoned power forward with experience at the international level, providing leadership and skill.
  6. Teotónio Dó – Center (C)
    Petro de Luanda’s Teotónio Dó is an imposing presence in the center, known for his shot-blocking and strong post moves.
  7. Gerson Domingos – Point Guard (PG)
    Petro de Luanda’s Gerson Domingos is a talented point guard with excellent court vision and playmaking abilities.
  8. Childe Dundão – Point Guard (PG)
    Petro de Luanda’s Childe Dundão is a dynamic point guard, capable of scoring and creating opportunities for his teammates.
  9. João Fernandes – Center (C)
    Sporting CP’s João Fernandes is a skilled center known for his rebounding and shot-altering abilities.
  10. Bruno Fernando – Forward/Center (F/C)
    Representing the Atlanta Hawks, Bruno Fernando is an NBA-caliber player with a strong inside game and athleticism.
  11. Danilson Francisco – Guard/Forward (G/F)
    Eléctrico’s Danilson Francisco is a versatile player with scoring ability and defensive prowess.
  12. Eduardo Francisco – Forward (F)
    Benfica’s Eduardo Francisco is a promising forward with a knack for scoring and rebounding.
  13. Aboubakar Gakou – Power Forward (PF)
    Petro de Luanda’s Aboubakar Gakou is an energetic power forward known for his hustle and determination.
  14. Gerson Gonçalves – Shooting Guard (SG)
    Petro de Luanda’s Gerson Gonçalves is a sharpshooting guard who can light up the scoreboard.
  15. Aldemiro João – Center (C)
    Petro de Luanda’s Aldemiro João provides depth in the center position with his shot-blocking and rebounding abilities.
  16. Kevin Kokila – Forward/Center (F/C)
    Representing JL Bourg Basket, Kevin Kokila is an agile forward/center with a versatile skill set.
  17. Jeronimo Luis – Forward (F)
    Sangalhos DC’s Jeronimo Luis is a promising forward with a bright future ahead in the sport.
  18. José Dimitri Maconda – Guard (G)
    Sangalhos DC’s José Dimitri Maconda brings quickness and shooting ability to the backcourt.
  19. Antonio Monteiro – Forward/Center (F/C)
    Sporting CP’s Antonio Monteiro is a talented forward/center known for his defensive prowess and inside scoring.
  20. Aginaldo Neto – Guard (G)
    Aginaldo Neto is a skilled guard, and his club affiliation will be updated soon.
  21. Hélder Laércio Neto – Guard/Forward (G/F)
    Representing Paço de Arcos, Hélder Laércio Neto brings a scoring touch and defensive tenacity to the squad.
  22. Leonel Paulo – Power Forward (PF)
    Leonel Paulo’s club affiliation will be updated soon, but he is a formidable power forward with a strong inside game.
  23. Milton Valente – Guard/Forward (G/F)
    Representing Primeiro de Agosto, Milton Valente is a skilled guard/forward who can impact the game on both ends of the floor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who are the key players to watch in the Angola Team Squad for Basketball World Cup 2023?
A: Some key players to keep an eye on are Bruno Fernando, Gerson Domingos, and Silvio De Sousa, all of whom bring valuable experience and talent to the team.

Q: How does the team’s roster compare to previous years?
A: The 2023 Angola Team Squad is a well-balanced roster with a mix of seasoned veterans and promising young talents. This blend of experience and potential makes them a strong contender.

Q: Which players are part of professional basketball leagues outside Angola?
A: Bruno Fernando plays for the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA, while several other players are affiliated with European clubs, showcasing the team’s international exposure.

Q: What is the team’s primary playing style and strategy?
A: The Angola Team Squad is known for its disciplined defense, fast-paced transitions, and a focus on exploiting opponents’ weaknesses. They combine tenacity with skill to create a formidable force on the court.

Q: How has the team performed in previous international competitions?
A: Angola has a rich basketball history and has been a dominant force in African basketball. They have consistently performed well in continental championships and are looking to make a strong statement on the global stage.

Q: Are there any rising stars or breakout players in the squad?
A: Keep an eye on players like Danilson Francisco and Jeronimo Luis, who have shown immense potential and could make a significant impact in the tournament.


The Angola Team Squad for Basketball World Cup 2023 is an exciting mix of talent, experience, and potential. With players representing clubs from various prestigious leagues, the team is well-equipped to compete at the highest level. As they take to the court, the nation will rally behind their beloved team, and fans around the world will witness the passion and skill of these remarkable athletes.