FIBA Basketball World Cup Group A Matches and Schedule

Catch the action, drama, and adrenaline-pumping moments in the Basketball World Cup 2023 Group A matches. Explore our comprehensive guide to the schedules and expected performance of Angola, Italy, Dominican Republic, and the Philippines.

Hold onto your seats, folks! It’s that time again when the sizzling heat of summer blends with the thrilling drama of the Basketball World Cup. The anticipation is high as we gear up for the upcoming Group A matches, featuring four potent basketball powerhouses – Angola, Italy, Dominican Republic, and the Philippines.

Basketball World Cup Group A Matches and Schedule

In this article, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of the Basketball World Cup Group A matches and their schedules. We’ll be picking apart the teams’ potential, their strengths, and their challenges as we gear up for the thrill of the game.

Basketball World Cup Group A Matches and Schedule

Angola vs. Italy: 25th August 2023, 4 AM ET

Here, we are looking at a showdown that would spark a wildfire on the court.

Angola’s Strength and Style

Angola, known for its tenacious defense, has often been compared to a sleeping giant. With its history of success on the African continent, the team brings a relentless pace and intimidating physical presence to the tournament. Will they bring their A-game against Italy? Only time will tell.

Italy’s Artistry on Court

On the other hand, Italy’s pedigree cannot be underestimated. They bring a mix of tactical nous, skillful execution, and a free-flowing style of play that is both aesthetically pleasing and devastatingly effective. It’s going to be a clash of styles and philosophy on the 25th.

Dominican Republic vs. Philippines: 25th August 2023, 8 AM ET

Both teams, while differing in their approach, possess the fiery determination that could heat up the tournament from the get-go.

Dominican Republic: The Dark Horse

The Dominican Republic team is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and while they may not have a decorated history, they have shown they can go toe-to-toe with the best in the world. Their passion, hustle, and the ability to punch above their weight make them a threat to the established order.

Philippines: The Heart and Soul

The Philippines, known as the heart and soul of basketball in Asia, brings its unique brand of heart-stopping, high-octane basketball to the tournament. While they are underdogs, their never-say-die spirit could create a few surprises along the way.

Italy vs. Dominican Republic: 27th August 2023, 4 AM ET

The Italians, known for their discipline and tactical acumen, go up against the gritty Dominican Republic in what promises to be a game of contrasting styles.

Italy’s Tactical Mastery

Italy’s precision play and tactical masterclasses have often left opponents in the dust. Their collective strength and understanding of the game make them a force to be reckoned with.

Dominican Republic’s Fight

The Dominican Republic may be the underdogs, but remember – underdogs bite! Their aggressive play and spirited efforts often make up for what they lack in technical finesse. This game promises to be a fascinating battle of wits and wills.

Philippines vs. Angola: 27th August 2023, 8 AM ET

This match-up presents an interesting battle of wills. While Angola brings a dominating physical presence to the game, the Philippines prides itself on its speed and agility.

Angola’s Dominance

Angola’s dominance on the African continent is well-documented. Their physical style and defensive solidity make them a daunting prospect for any team.

Philippines’ Speed and Agility

The Philippines’ speed, quick transitions, and finesse often catch their opponents off guard. The island nation will look to leverage these strengths to break down Angola’s robust defense.

Angola vs. Dominican Republic: 29th August 2023, 4 AM ET

This game could very well be the tournament’s dark horse. While Angola relies heavily on their defensive stability, the Dominican Republic brings a unique, volatile mix of passion and hustle to the court.

Angola’s Defensive Solidity

Angola will undoubtedly rely on their defensive solidity and physical presence to keep the Dominican Republic at bay. It will be interesting to see how this match pans out.

Dominican Republic’s Volatility

The Dominican Republic’s volatile style of play could throw a spanner in the works for Angola. Their unpredictability might just be their biggest strength in this match.

Philippines vs. Italy: 29th August 2023, 8 AM ET

This is a David vs. Goliath scenario. Italy, with its rich basketball history, squares off against the Philippines, the underdogs with a big heart.

Italy’s Basketball History

With a rich basketball history and a roster loaded with talent, Italy enters this match as clear favorites. They’ll be banking on their tactical nous to carry them through.

Philippines’ Big Heart

The Philippines, known for their big heart and high-energy play, will be looking to cause an upset. It’s going to be a monumental task, but as they say, “In basketball, miracles do happen.”


1. When will the Basketball World Cup Group A Matches start?

The Basketball World Cup Group A matches are scheduled to kick off on 25th August 2023.

2. What time will the Angola vs. Italy match start?

The Angola vs. Italy match is scheduled for 4 AM ET on 25th August 2023.

3. Which teams are in Group A?

Group A consists of Angola, Italy, Dominican Republic, and the Philippines.

4. What time will the Dominican Republic vs. Philippines match start?

The Dominican Republic vs. Philippines match will commence at 8 AM ET on 25th August 2023.

5. Who are the favorites in Group A?

While every match is unpredictable, Italy, with its rich basketball history, is considered a favorite in Group A. However, any of the teams are capable of an upset on their day.

6. When will the Group A matches conclude?

The Group A matches will conclude on 29th August 2023, with the Philippines vs. Italy match at 8 AM ET.


The Basketball World Cup 2023 Group A matches promise to be a feast for the fans, with a beautiful blend of skill, strategy, and sheer will to win. As the countdown begins, we can only speculate, guess, and eagerly await the jump ball. After all, in basketball, as in life, anything can happen.