Philippines Roster for FIBA World Cup 2023: The Powerhouse Lineup Representing the Nation

The Philippines Roster for the FIBA World Cup 2023 showcases a formidable lineup of talented and skilled basketball players who are set to represent the nation on the international stage. This article provides an in-depth overview of each player, their positions, and their contributions to the team.

Philippines Roster for FIBA World Cup 2023

Philippines Team Squad

With a combination of seasoned veterans and promising young talents, the Philippines is geared up to make a strong statement in the tournament. Let’s dive into the details of this impressive roster.

G/FRhenz Abando
F/CJapeth Aguilar
FJustin Brownlee
GJordan Clarkson
F/CA. J. Edu
CPoy Erram
CJune Mar Fajardo
SGJordan Heading
CAngelo Kouame
FJamie Malonzo
G/FChris Newsome
FCalvin Oftana
GBobby Ray Parks Jr.
G/FCJ Perez
G/FRoger Pogoy
GDwight Ramos
PGKiefer Ravena
SGThirdy Ravena
CKai Sotto
PFCarl Tamayo
GScottie Thompson

Rhenz Abando: The Versatile G/F

Rhenz Abando, a versatile Guard/Forward, brings agility, scoring ability, and defensive prowess to the team. Known for his athleticism and shooting skills, Abando is expected to make a significant impact on both ends of the court.

Japeth Aguilar: The Skilled F/C

Japeth Aguilar’s presence as a Forward/Center provides the team with a powerful inside presence. With his height, shot-blocking ability, and offensive skills, Aguilar is a force to be reckoned with in the paint.

Justin Brownlee: The Dominant Forward

Justin Brownlee, a dominant Forward, brings a wealth of international experience to the team. Known for his scoring ability and versatility, Brownlee’s skills are crucial in stretching the defense and creating opportunities for his teammates.

Jordan Clarkson: The Dynamic Guard

Jordan Clarkson, an NBA player with Filipino heritage, is a dynamic Guard known for his scoring ability and playmaking skills. Clarkson’s presence on the court adds star power to the lineup and elevates the team’s offensive capabilities.

A. J. Edu: The Skilled F/C

A. J. Edu, a skilled Forward/Center, is an emerging talent in Philippine basketball. Standing at an impressive height, Edu possesses shot-blocking abilities and a growing offensive repertoire, making him a promising asset to the team’s frontcourt.

Poy Erram: The Dependable Center

Poy Erram, a dependable Center, brings size, rebounding, and shot-blocking to the team. Known for his defensive presence and high basketball IQ, Erram’s contributions in the paint are invaluable.

June Mar Fajardo: The Big Man

June Mar Fajardo, one of the most dominant centers in Philippine basketball history, provides strength and leadership in the frontcourt. Fajardo’s inside scoring and rebounding abilities make him a vital part of the team’s game plan.

Jordan Heading: The Shooting Guard

Jordan Heading, a talented Shooting Guard, adds outside shooting and perimeter defense to the team. His ability to knock down shots from beyond the arc and create scoring opportunities for his teammates is a valuable asset.

Angelo Kouame: The Towering Center

Angelo Kouame, a towering Center, brings height, shot-blocking skills, and rebounding to the team. With his imposing presence in the paint, Kouame creates defensive challenges for opponents and secures key rebounds for his team.

Jamie Malonzo: The Explosive Forward

Jamie Malonzo, an explosive Forward, possesses athleticism and versatility. Malonzo’s ability to finish at the rim, rebound, and defend multiple positions adds depth and flexibility to the team’s lineup.

Chris Newsome: The Dynamic G/F

Chris Newsome, a dynamic Guard/Forward, brings all-around skills to the team. Known for his athleticism, playmaking ability, and defensive intensity, Newsome provides valuable contributions on both ends of the court.

Calvin Oftana: The Sharpshooting Forward

Calvin Oftana, a sharpshooting Forward, adds three-point shooting and floor spacing to the team. Oftana’s ability to stretch the defense with his shooting stroke opens up driving lanes and scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Bobby Ray Parks Jr.: The Versatile Guard/Forward

Bobby Ray Parks Jr., a versatile Guard/Forward, brings scoring, playmaking, and defensive skills to the team. Parks Jr.’s ability to impact the game on multiple fronts makes him a valuable asset to the roster.

CJ Perez: The Explosive Guard/Forward

CJ Perez, an explosive Guard/Forward, provides scoring and defensive tenacity. Perez’s ability to attack the rim, score in transition, and disrupt opponents’ offense makes him an exciting player to watch.

Roger Pogoy: The Sharpshooting G/F

Roger Pogoy, a sharpshooting Guard/Forward, adds outside shooting and perimeter defense to the team. Pogoy’s ability to knock down shots from beyond the arc spreads the floor and creates scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Dwight Ramos: The Versatile Guard

Dwight Ramos, a versatile Guard, brings ball-handling, shooting, and defensive skills to the team. Ramos’s ability to create his shot and defend multiple positions provides the team with flexibility and depth in the backcourt.

Kiefer Ravena: The Floor General

Kiefer Ravena, a skilled Point Guard, takes on the role of the team’s floor general. Known for his playmaking ability, basketball IQ, and leadership, Ravena guides the team’s offense and sets the tone on the court.

Thirdy Ravena: The Athletic Shooting Guard

Thirdy Ravena, an athletic Shooting Guard, adds scoring, defensive intensity, and versatility to the team. Ravena’s ability to finish at the rim, knock down outside shots, and guard multiple positions enhances the team’s performance.

Kai Sotto: The Towering Center

Kai Sotto, a towering Center, brings size, shot-blocking, and post scoring to the team. Sotto’s potential and skill set make him an exciting prospect for Philippine basketball and a valuable addition to the roster.

Carl Tamayo: The Promising Power Forward

Carl Tamayo, a promising Power Forward, adds size, rebounding, and inside scoring to the team. Tamayo’s presence in the paint and ability to defend opposing big men strengthens the team’s frontcourt.

Scottie Thompson: The Versatile Guard

Scottie Thompson, a versatile Guard, brings hustle, playmaking, and rebounding to the team. Thompson’s ability to contribute in various aspects of the game, including rebounding as a guard, adds depth and energy to the lineup.

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Who are the key players in the Philippines Roster for FIBA World Cup 2023?

Key players in the roster include Jordan Clarkson, June Mar Fajardo, Kiefer Ravena, and Japeth Aguilar. These players bring a wealth of experience, talent, and leadership to the team.

What are the team’s strengths?

The team’s strengths lie in its combination of scoring ability, versatility, and defensive intensity. With players who can shoot from outside, attack the rim, and lock down opponents, the team poses a well-rounded threat.

How will the team fare in the FIBA World Cup 2023?

With a talented roster and experienced coaching staff, the team has the potential to make a deep run in the tournament. However, competition will be fierce, and success will depend on factors such as teamwork, execution, and the ability to adapt to different playing styles.

What challenges might the team face?

The team may face challenges in terms of size and physicality, especially against teams with dominant frontcourt players. Additionally, adjusting to the style of international competition and building chemistry within the roster could also be potential challenges.

Are there any young talents to watch out for in the roster?

Yes, players like A. J. Edu, Jamie Malonzo, and Dwight Ramos are promising young talents to watch out for. Their skills, potential, and ability to contribute to the team’s success make them exciting players to follow.

What are the team’s goals for the FIBA World Cup 2023?

The team’s primary goal is to compete at the highest level and represent the nation with pride. Ultimately, the aim is to advance as far as possible in the tournament and contend for a medal, showcasing the talent and passion of Philippine basketball.


The Philippines Roster for the FIBA World Cup 2023 presents a star-studded lineup of talented basketball players ready to make their mark on the international stage. With a combination of seasoned veterans and promising young talents, the team is poised to compete at the highest level and showcase the passion and skill of Philippine basketball. The players’ diverse skill sets, dedication, and collective effort will undoubtedly make for an exhilarating tournament. Keep an eye on the Philippines Roster for FIBA World Cup 2023 as they represent the nation with pride and aim to leave a lasting impact on the world stage.