Slovenia FIBA World Cup 2023 Preparation Games and Schedule

Are you excited about the upcoming FIBA World Cup 2023? Slovenia, a basketball powerhouse, is all set to participate and showcase their talent on the global stage. In this article, we will dive into the preparation games and schedule of the Slovenian national basketball team leading up to the tournament. Get ready to witness thrilling matches and follow the journey of Slovenia’s finest players as they gear up to compete against some of the best teams in the world.

The FIBA World Cup is a highly anticipated event that brings together basketball teams from all corners of the globe. With the 2023 edition just around the corner, Slovenia is leaving no stone unturned in their preparations. The national team is determined to make their mark and contend for the championship title. Let’s take a closer look at their preparation games and schedule, which will provide valuable insights into their readiness for the main event.

Slovenia FIBA World Cup 2023 Preparation Games and Schedule

Here’s a breakdown of the preparation games and schedule for the Slovenian national basketball team:

1. July 25th – China (Celje, Slovenia)

The journey begins with a match against China on July 25th in Celje, Slovenia. This game will serve as an important opportunity for Slovenia to test their strategies and teamwork against a formidable opponent. China, known for its strong basketball tradition, will provide a challenging test for the Slovenian team.

2. August 2nd – Greece (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Next up is a clash with Greece on August 2nd in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Greece boasts a rich basketball heritage and has produced numerous world-class players. This encounter will be a thrilling battle between two basketball-loving nations, as both teams strive to fine-tune their gameplay and build momentum leading up to the World Cup.

3. August 4th – Greece (Athens, Greece)

Following their home game against Greece, Slovenia will face them again, this time in Athens, Greece, on August 4th. This away match will provide a different atmosphere and test the resilience of the Slovenian team in a hostile environment. It will be an exciting opportunity for the players to adapt to different conditions and showcase their skills.

4. August 8th – Croatia (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

The neighboring rivalry takes center stage as Slovenia goes head-to-head with Croatia on August 8th in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The matchup between these two nations always generates immense interest and passion among basketball fans. This game will be a key indicator of Slovenia’s competitiveness against strong opponents, as Croatia has consistently been a tough competitor in international basketball.

5. August 11th – Spain (Malaga, Spain)

On August 11th, Slovenia travels to Malaga, Spain, for a showdown against one of the basketball powerhouses, Spain. Spain has a storied basketball history, having won multiple championships in recent years. This encounter will be an excellent opportunity for Slovenia to measure their skills against a top-tier team and make the necessary adjustments before the World Cup.

6. August 12th – Team USA (Malaga, Spain)

The excitement reaches its peak as Slovenia faces off against the basketball giants, Team USA, on August 12th in Malaga, Spain. Team USA is renowned for assembling a roster of NBA superstars, making them a formidable opponent for any team. This game will be a true test of Slovenia’s abilities and provide valuable lessons for their World Cup campaign.

7. August 19th – Japan (Tokyo, Japan)

The final preparation game takes Slovenia to Tokyo, Japan, where they will battle against the host nation on August 19th. Japan’s basketball program has been steadily improving, and they will aim to give a tough fight on their home turf. This match will be an opportunity for Slovenia to fine-tune their strategies and tactics one last time before the World Cup officially commences.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Will Slovenia host any of the preparation games?

Yes, Slovenia will host two preparation games. The matches against China and Croatia will be held in Celje and Ljubljana, respectively.

2. Which team is Slovenia’s biggest rival in the preparation games?

Croatia is considered Slovenia’s biggest rival in the preparation games. The matches between these two neighboring nations are always highly anticipated and fiercely contested.

3. Where can I watch the Slovenia FIBA World Cup 2023 preparation games?

The preparation games will be broadcasted on various sports channels and streaming platforms. Check your local listings or online platforms to catch the action live.

4. How can I get tickets to the preparation games?

Tickets for the preparation games can be purchased through official ticketing platforms or from authorized ticket resellers. Keep an eye on the official FIBA World Cup website for ticketing information.

5. Will the preparation games affect the final roster selection for Slovenia?

The preparation games will play a crucial role in the final roster selection for Slovenia. The coaching staff will closely evaluate the players’ performances and make informed decisions based on their performances during the preparation games.

6. Is there any significance to playing against Team USA in the preparation games?

Playing against Team USA holds great significance for Slovenia as it provides an opportunity to gauge their strengths and weaknesses against the best basketball players in the world. It will also serve as a valuable learning experience for the Slovenian team.


As the FIBA World Cup 2023 draws near, the Slovenian national basketball team is fully focused on their preparation games. These matches against top-quality opponents will help them fine-tune their strategies, test their mettle, and build confidence heading into the tournament. Excitement is in the air as fans eagerly await the commencement of the World Cup and cheer for Slovenia’s quest for basketball glory.