Greece FIBA World Cup Preparation Schedule: Dates, Opponents, and Locations

The Greece FIBA World Cup preparation schedule is packed with thrilling matches against some of the best basketball teams in the world. The Greek national team, known for its rich basketball tradition and passionate fan base, is gearing up to compete in the prestigious FIBA World Cup. In this article, we will dive into the comprehensive outline of the schedule, detailing the dates, opponents, and locations of each game. From facing Slovenia in Ljubljana to playing against Germany in Abu Dhabi, Greece’s journey promises to be an enthralling one. So, let’s explore the full schedule and gain insights into the team’s preparation for the upcoming tournament.

Greece FIBA World Cup Preparation Schedule

Greece FIBA World Cup Preparation Schedule

Below is the complete Greece FIBA World Cup preparation schedule, including the dates, opponents, and locations of the games:

August 2ndSloveniaLjubljana, Slovenia
August 4thSloveniaAthens, Greece
August 8thSerbiaAthens, Greece
August 10thItalyAthens, Greece
August 18thTeam USAAbu Dhabi, UAE
August 19thGermanyAbu Dhabi, UAE

Greece vs. Slovenia – Clash in Ljubljana

The journey for the Greek national team kicks off with an exciting match against Slovenia on August 2nd. The game will take place in the beautiful city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Both teams will be looking to test their strategies and lineups in this highly anticipated encounter. Basketball enthusiasts from both nations will eagerly anticipate the clash of these basketball titans.

Home Advantage – Greece vs. Slovenia in Athens

After their first face-off in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Greece will welcome the Slovenian team to Athens on August 4th. The Greek fans, known for their incredible support and loud cheers, will undoubtedly create a vibrant atmosphere at the stadium. The match promises to be a thrilling contest as both teams aim to make their mark before heading to the World Cup.

Battling Serbia on Greek Soil

On August 8th, Greece will lock horns with another formidable opponent, Serbia, in Athens. Serbia boasts a strong basketball tradition and has a talented roster, making this matchup a highly competitive one. The Greek players will rely on their skills and teamwork to secure a victory against a team known for its tenacity on the court.

Greece vs. Italy – The Mediterranean Rivalry

In yet another exciting encounter, Greece will face Italy on August 10th in Athens. The Mediterranean rivals will bring their best game to the court as they aim to gain momentum before the World Cup. Both teams share a storied basketball history, adding more intensity and emotions to this clash of basketball cultures.

Greece vs. Team USA – A Global Showdown

The stakes are high as Greece prepares to go head-to-head with basketball powerhouse Team USA on August 18th. The match will take place in Abu Dhabi, UAE, adding an international flavor to the event. The Greek team will have to be at its absolute best to challenge the formidable American squad, but they relish the opportunity to compete against the best in the world.

The Final Challenge – Greece vs. Germany

As the preparation schedule nears its end, Greece will face Germany on August 19th in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This match will serve as a final test for the Greek team, assessing their readiness for the World Cup. Germany, known for its disciplined style of play, will provide a tough challenge for the Greek players.


  1. Q: When does the Greece FIBA World Cup preparation schedule start?
    • A: The schedule starts on August 2nd with a match against Slovenia in Ljubljana.
  2. Q: How many matches are there in Greece’s preparation schedule?
    • A: Greece will play a total of six matches before the FIBA World Cup.
  3. Q: Which country will Greece face twice in the preparation schedule?
    • A: Greece will have two matches against Slovenia, with one in Ljubljana and the other in Athens.
  4. Q: When and where will Greece play against Team USA?
    • A: Greece will play against Team USA on August 18th in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  5. Q: Is the Greece vs. Serbia match taking place in Greece?
    • A: Yes, the match against Serbia will be held in Athens, Greece.
  6. Q: What can fans expect from the Greece vs. Germany match?
    • A: Fans can expect an intense and competitive game as both teams aim to fine-tune their strategies before the World Cup.

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The Greece FIBA World Cup preparation schedule is a thrilling journey that will test the mettle of the Greek national basketball team. From facing Slovenia to clashing with Team USA, the team will experience a diverse range of opponents and playing environments. Each match will provide valuable insights and experience to the players, preparing them for the challenges of the upcoming World Cup. As fans eagerly await the start of the tournament, the Greek team’s preparation promises to captivate basketball enthusiasts worldwide.