Zozo Championship 2023 Prize Money and Purse

The ZOZO Championship is not just another golf tournament; it’s a high-stakes battle of skill, precision, and sportsmanship. In this article, we will delve into the details of the ZOZO Championship 2023, focusing on the enticing prize money and the tournament’s key aspects.

Zozo Championship 2023 Prize Money and Purse

The ZOZO Championship has quickly become a prominent fixture on the PGA TOUR calendar. It is known for attracting top golfers from around the world, all vying for not only glory but also a substantial purse.

Tournament VenueACCORDIA GOLF Narashino Country Club
DateThursday, October 19 – Sunday, October 22, 2023
Format72-hole stroke play, no cut
Total Prize MoneyTotal: $8.5M (approx. ¥12B*)
(*1 dollar = 140 yen)
FedExCup Points (Winner)500
Host OrganizersZOZO, Inc., PGA TOUR
Co-OrganizerJapan Golf Tour Organization (JGTO)
Joint SupervisorPGA TOUR
Supported byChiba Prefecture, Inzai City

Tournament Venue

ACCORDIA GOLF Narashino Country Club serves as the picturesque backdrop for the ZOZO Championship. Learn more about this world-class venue and its significance in the golfing world.

Tournament Dates

Mark your calendars! From Thursday, October 19, to Sunday, October 22, 2023, golf enthusiasts will be treated to four days of thrilling action.

Tournament Format

Explore the unique format of the ZOZO Championship, which sets it apart from other golfing events.

The Prize Money Breakdown

Total Prize Money

Discover the staggering total prize money up for grabs, making this tournament one of the most lucrative on the PGA TOUR.

Winner’s Share

Find out how much the champion will take home and what makes winning this tournament so financially rewarding.

Importance of FedExCup Points

Learn about the significance of earning FedExCup points in this tournament and how it can impact a golfer’s season.

The Host Organizers

ZOZO, Inc.

Uncover the role of ZOZO, Inc. as a host organizer and their contribution to the tournament’s success.


Explore how the PGA TOUR collaborates to make the ZOZO Championship a premier golfing event.

Co-Organizer and Joint Supervisor

Discover the key roles played by the Japan Golf Tour Organization (JGTO) and the PGA TOUR as co-organizers and joint supervisors.

Support from Chiba Prefecture and Inzai City

Learn about the local support that makes this event possible and the impact it has on the region.

The ZOZO Championship Legacy

Delve into the tournament’s history and its significance in the world of golf.

Previous Winners and Their Earnings

Take a look back at past champions and their impressive earnings, showcasing the tournament’s financial allure.

What to Expect in 2023

Get a sneak peek into what the ZOZO Championship 2023 has in store for golf fans and players alike.

The ZOZO Championship Experience

Step into the shoes of a spectator and immerse yourself in the unique experience this tournament offers.

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